Eva Gray Stage and screen actress
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Welcome to my web page If you would like me to work with you, please get in touch by email eva@evagray.com or via my personal manager, Rob Groves of RGPM, rob@robgroves.co.uk You can find out more about me by following the links below. Linked-In has many recommendations from people who know me and my work. Spotlight has my full CV and current headshots. IMDB lists some of my major film and TV credits.
“Much depends on the actress playing Marilyn and Eva Gray does a superb job, moving easily from the frightened young girl moved around foster homes and into an orphanage to the adult she became” Philip Key, Liverpool Daily Post, on ALL THAT LOVING STUFF... Read full review “Eva Gray gives an absorbing performance, holding audience attention for more than two hours onstage. She is bubbly, neurotic and shows abject terror when placed in a straitjacket receiving treatment for drugs. In a powerful performance her features clearly reflect her feelings and changing moods.” Peter Tatlow, The Stage, on ALL THAT LOVING STUFF “Eva Gray takes the part of the icon star with assurance and conviction in a splendid performance.” Jim Howie, Chester Mail, on ALL THAT LOVING STUFF “Eleanor (Eva Gray) instantly engages the audience in her world, as she glides around the front room of her glamorous apartment. Her preening and pouting in front of her ‘intelligent’ mirror, and grimaces when she sees wrinkles and sags, make thrilled voyeurs of her audience.” Emma Rose McGlone, L’Italo Europeo, on MIRROR MIRROR “Eva Gray plays Mrs Bryant with just the right balance of sexual guile and pathos” Adam Cole, Remotegoat, on MIRROR MIRROR... Read full review “Both Eva Gray and Christian Devellerez provide the perfect on-stage chemistry.” Claudia Andrei, Film News, on MIRROR MIRROR... Read full review “I was especially moved by Eva Gray’s performance - vulnerable, searching, delicate as it was. She continues working during the other performers’ speeches, especially with her very communicative eyes.” Alfred Corn, FAAP, on THE LONG MIRROR. “Branwen Elder (Eva Gray) believably pulls off a difficult and multi-layered part.” Claudia Andrei, Film News, on THE LONG MIRROR... Read full review “Eva Gray, as Branwen, copes extremely well with a taxing role and an uncomfortably altruistic conclusion in which she gives Camber up.” Kevin Berry, The Stage, on THE LONG MIRROR... Read full review “Eva Gray subtly portrays the conflicts of love for her flawed husband and deep homesickness.” Adam Cole, Remotegoat, on IN GOOD KING CHARLES’ GOLDEN DAYS... Read full review “Gray gives a natural and absorbing performance as Rirette, disregarding any compassion and creating a cold selfish character.” Jeremy Austin, The Stage, on AFTER INTIMACY... Read full review “Eva Gray as the wistful Cecilia has a chance to shine in the second half in the difficult role of adding a little dramatic pathos to the fun.” Catherine Gerbrands, The Stage, on THE UNREST CURE... Read full review “Eva Gray... hits the right notes as her state of mind drifts between pathos, disillusionment, hope and longing for fulfilment.” Claudia Andrei, Film News, on THE UNREST CURE... Read full review
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